New Year, New Business? Hello!

Updated: May 9, 2021

Hello from me, Charlotte, founder of Flowery Veg Co. .....or wild florist, amateur veg grower, experimental flower and plant grower, earth/doggy lover. 

I thought it was about time that I shared with the world what makes me happy and keeps me going. It was a few years back when my Grandad was very poorly and I was running out of conversation at his bedside that I turned to a spot of gardening. He found the stories of my unsuccessful harvests rather amusing but I came to really enjoy being outdoors and (eventually) watching things grow. Fast forward to now, I am a qualified florist from The Cambridge Flower School and I am keen gardener with an allotment pending. From spending time out in the garden with my Dad learning all of Grandad’s tricks of the trade, to learning practical skills from florists with years of experience - I have dedicated a lot of my time to this hobby, which is why I am now turning it into a special little business.


It all started slightly prematurely when my orders for Christmas Wreaths came pouring in, which was really fun! But now at the beginning of a new year (and decade!) it feels like a really great time to open up for business. Currently I have Hand Tied Bouquets available to purchase for any occasion. So, please get in contact with me if you are wanting to treat someone special as I would love to create the perfect bunch with you. 

Coming this Spring we will be back planting outdoors and I am so very excited. I will be focusing on planting flowers that I can use within my floristry designs so that the bunches I am offering will be home grown from the garden. I will also be planting some yummy veg for the first time ever this year. I will keep you all posted on how I get on! Either there will be some nice home grown veg for sale or I will be blogging about how not to grow veg.....

I’m also going to grow some cactus and succulents from seed when the sunshine comes back out. Hoping to have lots of little baby plants for sale to brighten up your homes. 

Last, but certainly last not least, from March onwards I am going to be offering funeral flowers in the local area. I will be specialising in Natural Burial Funeral Designs but regular Funeral Designs will also be available. Although a sad event to want to apply floristry to, it’ll be really nice to be able to turn an extremely difficult time into blooms that represent a loved one. 

All of this is going to be done as eco friendly as I humanly can. Sometimes it can be difficult to be completely sustainable but I am going to try my absolute best as this is something that I am very passionate about. Everything that I have bought so far has been recyclable and biodegradable which is cool!


So, watch out for new blog posts and new products as they become available. I’m very excited for the year ahead (if you can't already tell!) Hopefully you will find my posts useful and entertaining whilst purchasing some locally made bits and bobs too. Feel free to get in contact if you are wanting to purchase anything or if you have any questions as I would love to hear from you.

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