Dried Flowers

Updated: May 9, 2021

As I have recently added some bunches online, I wanted to share with you some facts and tips about dried flowers! Some things you may be curious to know before you purchase and others may help you to keep your dried blooms looking and smelling amazing for longer.

So, how long do dried flowers last for?

When I was researching about dried flowers it states that dried florals last around 1-3 years. Which is a long time but there’s also a huge difference between 1 year and 3. So, how does it differ?

Well let’s remember that they are still 'living' flowers. And, although now dried to preserve them, they are still as delicate as a fresh flowers and in need of care. So, how can you enhance their life span?

As a general rule of thumb - the more moisture in the room they are kept in, the shorter their life span. For that reason, I would avoid placing them in the bathroom or in the kitchen where the atmosphere can get damp. Like your fresh flowers, I would also keep them out of direct sunlight, so avoid putting them in a windowsill for example! The sunshine can dry out any moisture left inside the flower and speed up the fading.

Can dried flowers go mouldy?

Sadly, yes. BUT this is almost always because that have been kept in a humid room for a long period! So, again, no bathroom or kitchen displays please.

Do I need to care for my dried flowers?

Compared to our fresh flowers, dried flowers require hardly any maintenance. No water. No food. No scissor work.

Dried flowers can sometimes become quite dusty, but getting rid of the dust is easy peasy. You could gently blow on them, use a hairdryer (on a cold setting and at a distance!) or even a compressed air spray. This should do the trick!

Will dried blooms set off my hay fever?

Another great thing about dried flowers is that they do not cause hayfever reactions. Yipeee! This is because they no longer have pollen inside which is what causes the reactions. This is a perfect gift for someone ‘hayfevery’ that loves flowers but cannot have them in their house usually!

Do dried blooms still smell like the original flower?

Some, but not all. Many dried flowers still carry a wonderful scent such as lavender and scented roses. My bunches include dried lavender stems and they have been complimented on the strong scent they still hold. Generally, this scent should last as long as the stems do.

I hope this has helped to answer any pondering thoughts you may have had!


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If you have any other questions about dried flowers then please feel free to contact us!

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