Updated: May 9, 2021

Here are some frequently asked questions that I have had since launching Flowery Veg Co.


Where do you work from?

Flowery Veg Co. has taken over a room in my house in Little Bowden. It is the perfect room for flowers as I can control the temperature and the light ensuring that the flowers are in the best environment - keeping them fresh and in top condition.

My allotment, greenhouse and beds are all in my garden too so I can keep an eye on everything as it grows! 

Can I just order something from you at any point? 

YES! Yes! Yes. 

As I work from home I don’t always have a wide range of flowers in stock so it is always best to give me at least a few days notice to ensure that I can fulfil your order. But, that being said, I will always try my best to help you if you have left it until last minute so do not hesitate to ask. 

How much do your flowers cost?

This is very difficult to answer as it really does depend on what you would like. Flowers very much vary in price and therefore my prices will adjust accordingly. The other options that you have are whether you would like it to be in a box or simply wrapped and, again, this will differ in price. 

People usually give me a budget, a rough idea of what they would like it to look like and a few hints on colours and specific flowers their recipient likes. Another way is to send me a picture of something you may have seen and want and I can recreate it. 

Do you only do bouquets?

No. I have experience doing lots of different floral designs and you can find these over on my Facebook Page and Instagram. All these designs, and any other creations you have in mind, are all available to order.

Will you be doing any floral workshops?


Keep an eye out for a some exciting announcements over the next few weeks!


If anyone has any more questions then please send me a message and I will be happy to answer them all.

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